Tubular Heater

Product Description

Tubular heater is a cylinder shape, heavy-duty sheathed heater used in various industries.

It is compacted with a high temperature MgO powder that provides good insulation property and heat-transfer characteristics between the nichrome wire element to the heater sheathed body. Both the tubular and finned-tubular heaters provide a highly efficient, reliable and low-cost means of rapidly supplying heat directly to air, metals and various types of liquids, depending on the application. Large selection of power density can be designed based on the type of application, which ranges between 15 W/in² to maximum 123 W/in².

VITAR manufactures highly versatile and economical tubular heater elements which are used in every conceivable application and industries. They are installation-friendly and easy to maintain. They can be fabricated straight or bent into complex shapes and forms according to customer requirements. And they can be reliably applied to heat multitudes of liquids, gases and solids.

They are also used in radiant heating in open air, or can be casted into or clamped, as required.


Uniform heat distribution
Quality sheath materials used – Stainless steel, Incoloy, Titanium, Copper and Teflon-sleeved or coated
Sheath diameter available (in mm) – Ø6.5, Ø8.0, Ø9.5, Ø11, Ø12, Ø12.7, Ø14, Ø16, Ø17.5, Ø18 and Ø20
Maximum reach can be fabricated as long as 5.6 mtrs, depending on the required heater diameter
Can be bent or shaped to any design or application requirement


It is simple, effective and versatile type of heater that can be used in many applications
Easy installation and maintenance
Fast delivery can be arranged to reduce user’s down-time costs


Standard OEM design are as follows:

  • VSH series
  • VCHT series
  • VSH-270 series
  • VTH-36 & VTH-54 Main Marie series
  • VFH-U series
  • VFH-W series
  • VFH-S series
  • VIH-3K-11

Custom-made tubular heaters are to be made according to individual customer requirements.


The tubular heater comes with various types of terminations and mounting screws for easy installation to cover the widest range of customer applications


High grade and vast selection of sheath materials that offer unmatched quality and variety to customers:
Stainless steel 304, 316
Incoloy 840

Industrial Application

Restaurant / hotel / industrial hot water system
Fast-foods deep fryers
Industrial boilers
Industrial kitchen / bakery ovens
Building air-conditioning system dryers
Refrigeration and cold storage system air dryers
Power supply load banks
Factory sealing/packing process
Industrial furnace / kilns / ovens
Hot-air blowers/dryers, etc