Spring Coil

Product Description

Bare resistance wire in a given size and power density (ohm/meter), wound and shaped according to customer requirement.

Usually coiled in spiral shape and used in electrical furnace where temperature up to 1100◦C  is required.


High grade, high temperature wire that offers stable and uniform heat during a long-cycle operation
Wide selection of wire sizes between Ø1mm and Ø6mm to fulfil customer requirement
Custom-designed, pre-assembled bracket-mounted heating wire can be fabricated according to specific customer requirement


Efficient and economically feasible for many heating applications
Low maintenance and inexpensive replacement parts
Long-service life


Fabrication according to customers’ requirement


In open air applications, will usually be supported by  ceramic insulator bushings, or inserted into a ceramic tube, depending on customer requirement


High grade, high temperature Ni-chrome or Fe-chrome resistance wire

Industrial Application

Electrical furnace
Air-duct heating
Ovens & furnaces
Room air-conditioning / heating units
Heat-pump applications