Level Switch

Product Description

A sensor with electrical contact output at a specific liquid level.  A magnet equipped   float moves with liquid level to actuate a magnetic reed switch within the unit stem.  The reed switch contacts may operate a remote alarm or indicator, or initiate an automatic system control.

Level switches are designed for various liquid level sensing applications, from standard single float model to custom-made multi-station float models.


Designed for almost any liquid level sensing need from standard single station float models to custom-made multi-station floats units.
Reliability, simplicity and accuracy.
Simple installation with either threaded mouthing screw or flange mouthing.
Less maintenance.


Easy installation and less maintenance
Reliable and accurate
Simple installation with either threaded mounting screw or flange mounting


Various type of mouthing screws and flanges for widest application


Plasma-welded, SUS 304/316 stainless steel material
Corrosion/shock/vibration – resistant components operates up to 120◦C and pressures up to 3000 kPa

Industrial Application

Automotive application
Liquid storage tank
Coolant-control mechanism for machineries
Water treatment and sewage plant facilities