Infrapara & Silica

Product Description

Infrapara & Silica Heater

Inprafara and silica heaters are specifically designed for processes that requires fast response and direct heat or warmth, using infrared radiation.

When used with a parabolic aluminium reflector, it can increase its heating efficiency by focusing all the waves in a designated direction.


High thermal response than other heaters, high thermal efficiency and high emissivity
Uniform temperature distribution


Able to save up to 50% in power consumption, while production yield is increased by as much as 30%
Easy maintenance replacement
Free from contamination
Safe to use


VITAR has a wide range of standard Infrapara/Silica Heaters with predesigned length and power rating, to choose  from.

VITAR also specializes in custom-made designs that can cater to most of customers requirement and specifications


Otherwise specified, each order includes a standard reflector and M8 mounting screws, for easy installation


Use of special alloy, high temperature Nichrome wire
Use selected ceramic materials with high thermal durability, mechanical strength and good electrical insulation

Industrial Application

Textile and fabric industry
Ceramic industry
Automotive and car industry
Plastic and packaging industry
Food industry