Cartridge Heater

Product Description

A cartridge heater is a cylinder shape, heavy-duty sheathed heater used by insertion into pre-determined drilled holes. When use in high watt-density applications, it’s sheathed body diameter is usually precision-machined to ensure optimum fit into the mould hole, for efficient heat- transfer.

However, cartridge heaters can also be used in various applications such as liquid immersion or air-heating. Based on intended application and design, VITAR cartridge heaters can reach up to 200 W/in².


Uses high-grade nickel-chromium wire with densely packed MgO insulation to achieve the optimum watt-density in a compact sheath design.
The sheath material made of stainless steel alloy with excellent thermal conductivity, chemical-corrosion resistance and ability to withstand repeated heating and cooling cycles, during application.
Closed end cap provides maximum protection against all types of contamination and moisture.
High watt-density design between 100 to 200 W/in²
Various types of applications to suit a wide variety of applications.
Built-in thermocouples option


Due to its compact and flexible design it is convenient to use in complex and narrow structures where conventional heaters cannot be used.
Powerful source of heat in a compact design, with a minimum loss of energy during transmission makes it effective in heating process, which results in lower electric bills.


Standard cartridge heater design are as follows:-

  • Type A – straight leads
  • Type B – post terminal
  • Type C – straight stainless-steel hose
  • Type DS/DN – DS straight lead support / DN 90 degree lead support
  • Type F – flanges
  • Type G – flexible leads
  • Type L – right angle protection
  • Type M – right angle copper elbow with stainless steel hose
  • Type N – right angle leads
  • Type N1 – right angle stainless steel hose
  • Type P – male pipe threaded fittings
  • Type CB – solid nickel pins with ceramic bead insulation
  • Type UB – unheated bend
  • Type L1 – right angle with stainless steel hose
  • Type R – right angle copper elbow without hose
  • Type W – copper-nickel plating braid
  • Type W1 – right angle copper braid
  • Type UW – unheated with different watt density sections

Type TCC/TCD – TCC with built-in thermocouple (center position) / TCD with built-in thermocouple (end position)


The cartridge  heater comes with various types of terminations and mounting screws for easy installation to cover the widest range of customer applications


High grade, high temperature and precision-machined materials to ensure heater reliability and quality.

Industrial Application

Electronic Industry
Food Industry
Injection Moulding
Heated Tools & Diesets
Packaging Indistry