Band & Strip Heater

Product Description

Band & Strip Heaters

Band and Strip heaters are most suitable for cylindrical and flat-surface applications.  It can accommodate various types of termination designs, as well as, customized cut-outs and holes that offer flexibility to customer applications.  It uses either, mica or ceramic insulation materials depending on customers’ temperature range requirement.  Both insulation materials allow for efficient heat transfer from the heating wire to the surface of application, ensuring uniform heat distribution, which extends the life of the heater.

Ceramic band/strip heaters can go as high as 80 W/in².  Mica band heaters can reach up to 55 W/in². While, Mica Strip Heaters can go up to 35 W/in².

There are various ways of clamping or mounting the band heater, depending on the customer application or requirement.  The clamping method or mechanism affects the quality of heat transfer rate and has its advantages and disadvantages.


Fast heat up and high heat transfer rate
Use of best quality, high temperature and insulation materials that provides high dielectric strength and efficient heat transfer from the heater to the heated object.
Wide selection of clamping or mounting methods that provides flexibility to various customer applications


It can easily be customized with cut-outs and hole designs that can fit most of customers unique applications.
VITAR band heaters has long life span due to its special alloy elements and high-temperature resistant insulation materials.


VITAR has a wide range of standard Mica / Ceramic Band and Strip Heaters to choose from.

VITAR also specializes in custom-made designs that can cater to most of customers requirement and specifications


Various standard clamping and mounting methods and mechanisms for band heaters are available to suit customer requirements.  However, special, custom-made  mounting mechanism can also be designed , if required.  


Use of stainless steel sheath material that resist oxidation while ensuring good thermal conductivity
Use of special high-temperature alloy heating elements for durability and long life-span
High temperature mica or ceramic insulation materials with high dielectric and insulation properties

Industrial Application

Injection moulding machines
Plastic extrusion
Packing machines
Industrial kitchen equipments
Blow moulding machine
Container / pipe heating
Hot plates